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This week I am doing major website renovations.
If you have any issues with my website.
You can contact me at customerservice@beautifulacacia.com
*Kona Hawaii Acacia is different from Honolulu Hawaii Acacia. The Kona hawaii strain has more fats and oils, making it more difficult to use, but some people may prefer it. *Honolulu Hawaiian and Taiwanese strains are typically easier to use.
*We also have Ceylon cinnamon, Kratom, and Brugmansia available now.
*I will be responding to emails and txts messages daily, let me know if you have any questions.
*All packages are guaranteed to be delivered.
*If you ever have any questions about the product, the shipping, or your tracking information please contact me by email customerservice@beautifulacacia.com or by text message to +14248880219
-December 26, 2018